PIC Programs

PIC helps people break through barriers and lead independent lives.

Partners In Careers (PIC) is a nonprofit organization that strives to create self–sufficiency through specialized job training and employment services. This is accomplished by helping people break through barriers to employment, which often means addressing generational poverty.

PIC serves low-income parents who want to create stability for themselves and their children, refugees and immigrants looking for a new life in the United States, homeless veterans wanting to reintegrate into civilian life, and young people struggling to graduate high school or receive their GED in order to build a better future.

PIC connects job seekers to workforce skills and jobs in partnership with local businesses and community members focused on building a strong, healthy community.

At PIC, we connect community to workforce skills and jobs. We do this in partnership with local businesses and community members all focused on one outcome: a strong, healthy, working community.

Community Jobs

Through our Community Jobs program we are helping parents stabilize their families by providing job training, work experience, and individualized assistance. Each year, PIC serves and average of 400 parents and their families gain the skills and assets needed to break the cycle of generational poverty. Contact Ryan for more information: ryan@swwpic.org, (360)696-8417 ext. 118.

Limited English Proficiency Program

Our Limited English Proficiency program serves refugees and immigrants who have been in the United States less than 60 months or TANF recipients who have language barriers. Individuals are served through a combination of language learning support, employment placement, training connection and supportive services. Participants are connected to local employers, provided job training, and employment. For more information, contact Irina at Irina@swwpic.org, (360)696-8417 ext. 141.

Homeless Veteran Reintegration Program

Our Homeless Veterans' Reintegration Program (HVRP) serves homeless veterans who are seeking housing assistance, employment services and/or training program connection and support. HVRP works with low income homeless veterans to help them lay the framework to secure housing and become self-sufficient. Case management helps participants navigate community resources and to provide support in gaining employment and occupational training. For program questions or referrals contact Donna Oglesby at Donna@swwpic.org (360) 696-8417 ext. 109 or Tonya Wark at tonya@swwpic.org (360) 696-8417 ext. 129


We partner with schools to bring career readiness workshops, guest speakers, job shadows, and tours to students in order to expose them to and prepare them for their careers. For more information please contact Andrea Surace at andreas@swwpic.org, (360)696-8417 ext. 128

NW Promise

NW Promise is designed to increase diversity in the healthcare industry in the Portland Metro area. Through NW Promise participants take part in career exploration, FAFSA workshops, training site visits, training enrollment, academic and study skill classes and ongoing case management through the lifetime of their training program. NW Promise provides support services, tuition assistance, barrier navigation, mentorship and employment placement support for all participants. For referrals and program information contact Andrea at andreas@swwpic.org, (360) 696-8417 ext. 128

Career Academy

Career Academy provides employment readiness services to low-income to families in Clark County through a series of four workshops held each month at various locations in the community. Our employment specialists meet with individuals and help with goal setting, resumes, and interviewing practice, as well as connection to additional resources. For more information and locations, contact Lynette at lynette@swwpic.org, (360)696-8417 ext. 104 or Ryan at ryan@swwpic.org, (360)696-8417 ext. 118