Roots to Road

Roots to Road

Roots to Road is an innovative partnership with Clark County's Heritage Farm that teaches veterans small scale farming and related employment.


Become a Sponsor!
Sponsorships for the program are available for $150 which will provide you with bags of produce through out the growing season. Please call Sharon at 360.597.2060
for more details.


  • Arugala Arugala
  • Basil Basil
  • Beets Beets
  • Black Beans Black Beans
  • Bok Choy Bok Choy
  • Broccoli Broccoli
  • Butter Lettuce Butter Lettuce
  • Cabbage Cabbage
  • Caraway Seeds Caraway Seeds
  • Celery Celery
  • Chives Chives
  • Cilantro Cilantro
  • Cinnamon Basil Cinnamon Basil
  • Collage Greens Collage Greens
  • Corn Corn
  • Cucumber Cucumber
  • Dill Dill
  • Edamame Edamame
  • Eggplant Eggplant
  • Endive Endive
  • Fennel Fennel
  • Flowers Flowers
  • Frissy Frissy
  • Gords Gords
  • Green Beans Green Beans
  • Green Onions Green Onions
  • Iceburg Lettuce Iceburg Lettuce
  • Kale Kale
  • Lavendar Lavendar
  • Leeks Leeks
  • Lima Beans Lima Beans
  • Marjoram Marjoram
  • Mesclun Mesclun
  • Minuza Minuza
  • Mustard Mustard
  • Nasturtiums Nasturtiums
  • Okra Okra
  • Oregano Oregano
  • Parsley Parsley
  • Peas Peas
  • Pepper Grass Pepper Grass
  • Bell Peppers Bell Peppers
  • Pinto Beans Pinto Beans
  • Radiccio Radiccio
  • Radish Radish
  • Red Cabbage Red Cabbage
  • Red Lettuce Red Lettuce
  • Rocket Rocket
  • Romaine Romaine
  • Rosemary Rosemary
  • Rudabaga Rudabaga
  • Sage Sage
  • Salad Lettuce Salad Lettuce
  • Spinach Spinach
  • Summer Lettuce Summer Lettuce
  • Sun Flowers Sun Flowers
  • Swiss Chard Swiss Chard
  • Tomatoes Tomatoes
  • Turnips Turnips
  • Yellow Beans Yellow Beans
  • Yellow Squash Yellow Squash
  • Yukon Gold Potatoes Yukon Gold Potatoes

Are you a Roots to Road participant and curious what
to do with your bounty?

Click here for delicious recipes using ingredients from the Roots to Road Program.

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PIC Programs

PIC helps people break through barriers and lead independent lives.

Partners In Careers (PIC) is a nonprofit organization that strives to create self–sufficiency through specialized job training and employment services. This is accomplished by helping people break through barriers to employment, which often means addressing generational poverty.

PIC serves low-income parents who want to create stability for themselves and their children, refugees and immigrants looking for a new life in the United States, seniors living at the poverty line, homeless veterans wanting to reintegrate into civilian life, and young people struggling to graduate high school or receive their GED in order to build a better future.

PIC connects job seekers to workforce skills and jobs in partnership with local businesses and community members focused on building a strong, healthy community.

At PIC, we connect community to workforce skills and jobs. We do this in partnership with local businesses and community members all focused on one outcome: a strong, healthy, working community.

Community Jobs

Community Jobs is made possible through a contract with the Washington State Department of Commerce. This WorkFirst program serves parents with dependent children on public assistance. PIC staff work with parents in a four to six-month program to provide job training, job search, work experience and to address challenges such as health and legal issues. Staff work with parents to create a plan for success and an outcome of employment and independence.

COMMUNITY IMPACT: Each year, PIC serves and average of 400 parents and their families gain the skills and assets needed to break the cycle of generational poverty.

This project was supported by Grant No. G-1102WATANF awarded by US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Points of view in this document are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the official position or policies of the HSS. Grant funds are administered by the WorkFirst Program, Washington State Department of Commerce

Immigrant & Refugee Language Skills

Immigrants & Refugees coming to America for a better life benefit as does our community from PIC programs designed to improve immigrant language skills and secure placement in the workforce. Core to this program is the on-site location of Clark College language teachers.

COMMUNITY IMPACT: Participants enter the workforce becoming contributing community members sometimes starting their own business and employing others.

Homeless Veteran Reintegration Program

Homeless Veterans' Reintegration Program (HVRP) serves homeless veterans who are seeking housing assistance, employment services and/or training program connection and support. HVRP works with low income homeless veterans to help them lay the framework to secure housing and become self-sufficient. Case management helps participants navigate community resources and to provide support in gaining employment and occupational training. For program questions or referrals contact Denise Bender at denise@swwpic.org (360) 696-8417 or LaDonna Langwell at ladonna@swwpic.org (360) 696-8417 ext 115

COMMUNITY IMPACT: Each month, PIC works with more than 100 veterans seeking employment, training and assistance in moving forward with their lives. Finding housing, connecting to Veteran Administration benefits and securing employment are all key elements of the program that moves veterans to self-sufficiency


YouthFirst is a community response in support of 16-24 year olds, both those that are still in school and those that have dropped out, to help prepare them for post-secondary education, training and/or employment.

YouthFirst is an employment readiness program in partnership with local school districts and community organizations that provides students an opportunity to gain work experience, training and career exploration opportunities. Students receive career matched mentoring, access to career connected learning opportunities, and internships in career fields tied to their interests.

In School Program
YouthFirst helps high school junior and seniors in local high schools graduate from high school and experience a variety of career fields through career connected learning activities and internships. The students will set and work toward personal and professional goals that will move them forward into successful lives in this early community intervention program addressing the cycle of poverty.

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)
Partners in Careers will help young adults ages 17-24 obtain skills, education and vocational training to help them get jobs. PIC will provide 17-24 year olds, who have dropped out of school, with employment and/or post-secondary education services, intensive case management, employment readiness trainings, career exposure and a three-month work experience in a high-growth, high-demand sector such as manufacturing, healthcare, software or IT. Students will have opportunities to interact with local employers through mock interviews, job shadows and group tours.

Juvenile Recovery Court
In partnership with the Juvenile Recovery Court, PIC will work with students who are currently involved with the court system and dealing with substance abuse. Once in the program, youth will work in collaboration with a county social worker, their probation counselor and YouthFirst staff to further their education and participate in employment trainings and work experiences.

Career Academy

Career Academy will provide employment readiness services to low-income to families in Clark County through our community partners. This will be a series of four workshops held each month at various locations in the community.

The program will assist job seekers through the process from determining interests and goal setting with job identification and strength assessments, to the actual process of obtaining and retaining a job. Adults who are low-income, their families, and youth at least 16 years of age will have access without charge to workshops and resources in order to gain the skills and competencies required for employment. Participants will be connected to other mainstream community resources to help stabilize their lives and make their employment sustainable. Families will be encouraged to participate in service projects that foster community engagement and increase their positive connections to the community.

Please call Lynette at (360)696-8417 ext 104 or send an email to lynette@swwpic.org for more information and locations.

Roots to Road

Roots to Road is an innovative partnership at Clark County's Heritage Farm that teaches veterans small scale farming and related employment.

Sponsorships for the program are available for $150 which will provide you with bags of produce through out the growing season. Please call Andrea at (360)696-8417 ext 108 or email her at andrea@swwpic.org for more details.

NW Promise

NW Promise is designed to increase diversity in the healthcare industry in the Portland Metro area.

Through NW Promise participants will take part in career exploration, FAFSA workshops, training site visits, training enrollment, academic and study skill classes and ongoing case management through the lifetime of their training program. NW Promise provides support services, tuition assistance, barrier navigation, mentorship and employment placement support for all participants.

For referrals and program information contact Andrew Westlund at Andrew@swwpic.org. (360) 696-8417 ext 112.